One of the most popular trends in marketing research, which we solve using the hall – test. By the expression “products testing” we reffer to a set of techniques for the study and evaluation of products from the point of view of consumers. Testing the product, we evaluate the reaction of consumers on product change – change in packaging, design, ingredients or prices for sale.


– Choosing the best option / choice for the consumer from the limited amount of variants of a product.
– Assessment of new product perspectives at formation level.
– Determination, how competitor is the tested product – by what it distinguishes from the competitors, what is better or worse.
– Improvement and completion of the existing product.
– Determination, what profitability sees the consumer, and what profitability it sees in the competitors’ products.
– Understanding the consumer reaction to the change of attributes – existing product characteristics, eg change of ingredients, taste of the product, change of packaging the use of a new image of progress, to the increasing / decreasing of the price etc.

When testing the new product, the main purpose is – indeed, this product is better than those already existing on the market. When testing a product already existing on the market, the main goal will be to understand the situation on the market of the product in relation to other products.

Product Test allows to know: „what features need improvement in product, so this to become an attractive purchase – wished?”. Food testing includes tasting / “probation” of taste. Standart parameters, used during the product tasting:

– The taste, flavor pronunciation, naturalness taste
– The color
– The salinity, sweetness, peppery, sourness
– The gassing
– The smell
– The consistency
– Specific properties of the product

Aside from sensory perceptions testing, product testing may include the assessment of various properties of the product, for example:

– Testing of product packaging
– Testing of product price
– Assessment of functional characteristics of the product
– Product Comparison with competitors

Currently, the main strategy of market success is the renewal strategy – permanent bringing of new products on the market, thus, to preserve the position on the market is not enough to advertise from time to time the already existing products. In the first place are brought the products which have a considerable addition to the price, and the so named high-margin products – because they bring maximum revenue. To form such a product is needed to track permanently the changes of consumer’s tastes and preferences, but this is possible through regular testing of products and understanding the differences and perceptions of our product and competitors’ products.