It is a regular monitoring of positions of the brand in circumstances of competition, which holds particular importance throughout the lifecycle of the brand. The goal of the strategy of this monitoring is the regular appreciation of competition capabilities of the brand in a field which changes really fast its conjuncture, which in turn helps the effective planning / correction of marketing actions. This research allows receiving information that explains in detail the reason of one or another situation on the market and answers the following questions:  Which strong parts of the brand accelerates the purchase and needs support?  Which vulnerable parts of the brand are obstacles for the purchase and need improvement?  To what extent the image / perception of the brand corresponds to a greater extent with the main criterion of choice for buyers, with what doesn’t correspond and what is needed to take / change, for the image /perception of the brand to correspond to the maximum with buyer’s requests? INFORMATIONAL VALUE OF RESEARCH
  1. Comparative evaluation of customer brands and their competitors by 6P method:
    • Proposition (offer): Brand awareness (what consumers know, how important it is), brand image, advantages (rational and emotional) obstacles of switching on the brand;
    • Product: perception of taste, quality, product range;
    • Price: evaluation of prices and price correlation to product quality;
    • Place: spreading in stock and visibility in shop windows;
    • Promotion: contacts with advertising of the company/ other sources of information of the brand, contacts with tactical promotional activities (discounts, raffles with gifts, etc.), the result of these promotions / advertising;
    • Package: assessment of package design, assortment and volume;
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of customer’s brand in relation to competing brands;
  3. The reasons for satisfaction /non-satisfaction of the consumption of the brand of the client/ competing brands.
  4. Main factors of choice. On what is basing the consumer, having wishes for a brand or another brand.
  5. Compliance / mismatch of brand image with the requirements of the consumer.
  6. To what extent the appearance of the customer’s brand denotes the communication of the created advertising campaign. The effect of the image as a result of the advertising campaign.